Since Abraham

I’ve gotten a lot of emails wondering where I’ve been since I spoke with Abraham.

Londin Angel Winters Co-Founder, Metaphysical Fitness

Londin Angel Winters
Co-Founder, Metaphysical Fitness

It’s been quite a beautiful journey.

Abraham, as many of you know, told me to stop focusing on the transformation of the world. It would be a much greater service to the world to place the focus back on myself and what would make me happy.

I took the advice, gave up most of my commitments and basked in endless free time for quite a while.

Eventually, I ​actually became bored and ready for a new venture. I ​found myself at a coffee with a girlfriend who told me about a trainer at a gym that she loved and I should try a free session.

I wasn’t all that interested in putting a lot of focus on my body, but I went away. Something pulled me.

The minute I met this trainer, I knew there was some magic there for me. He suggested I compete in a Figure contest. ​Despite feeling a million miles away from wearing a bikini on stage in front of hundreds of people, ​I said, “yes​.”

T​here began a wild ride that is still unfolding. The process of ​age-old bodybuilding techniques with my own personal growth work allowed me to achieve a freedom around food and body in a way I had never expected to know in this lifetime.

​I decided to become a personal trainer and worked with hundreds of people showing them the path. It worked for them too. So then I wrote two books describing the process.

One is called “Body Image Boot Camp.” It outlines the spiritual path to body and food freedom.

The other is called “Shapeshifter Fat Loss.” It outlines the hardcore practical steps to getting lean.

They are designed to work together depending upon what you need. If you are suffering from self-loathing and the process feels like a chore, you pick up “Body Image Boot Camp.” If you are back in inspiration and possibility and ready to make some changes, you pick up “Shapeshifter.” ​One is not more important than the other. They are equal parts of the journey.

After the books came out, I felt free to stop teaching so much about the physical body (as you can get the goods in my books) and began teaching my true passion — subtle body and energetic mastery.

Metaphysical Fitness: Justin Patrick Pierce

Justin Patrick Pierce
Founder, Metaphysical Fitness

Along this journey, I met the man of my dreams and we began to explore the realms of subtle energy via our union and deep meditative practice.

He too was heavily into fitness, but also into magic. We took all of the incredible work we were doing on our own and started a website to share the work with others who are interested in the realms of the “unseen.”

Our website “Metaphysical Fitness” merges physical training with advanced meditation and energetics. It’s a true exploration of the incredible potential of the body as temple.

It’s such a joy to be utterly living my life’s purpose. I’m so glad I stopped trying to save everyone else and just decided to rock out my own life experience. The irony is how many people I’ve helped along the way.

It is my great joy to share this ​journey with you.

Blessings and Joy!!!

The “value” of money

Here is a copy of Franci Prowse’s recent “viewsletter”… it’s such an interesting take on the value of money:

As Venus leaves her conjugal bed with Jupiter in Capricorn and moves in with the Moon in airy Aquarius, we have the opportunity to contemplate both global and local community and politics. Next full moon is 12-12-08 in watery Pisces, and should be a doozy. For the first time in U.S. history many well off people are redefining what “home” is, mainly by experiencing not having one. Having a house or several houses does not guarantee a feeling of belonging. To what or whom do we belong? When is a house a home?

A friend sent this quote: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” –Thomas Jefferson 1802

There is one big ooops being revealed. I remember my father showing me a dollar that said “Silver certificate” on the top. He explained that our money was once worth something, but now, is subject to manipulation. He was a social studies/history teacher who understood what it takes to earn and hold civil liberties. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t understand, and when he gave me 14 silver dollars in mint condition for my 14^th birthday, I spent them, on a Donovan record, and some food, shared with a friend. Now they would be worth 50 times what they were in 1964. Funny about money. I heard the Pleiadians declare 10 years ago that our economy is held up by a toothpick. It will take some very clever sleight of hand to replace the broken toothpick with a silver or gold toothpick that everyone believes in.

We are all being forced to manage our energy better and to place value where it is a realized need. Is the life of a small child worth more or less than say, an antique car priced at 500K? What is it that brings us well-being? A new car or a new love? What about diamonds? Most of these stones have spent their lives in a vault. Will they have value over say, a load of groceries for a hungry family? Or will expensive wine be worth more than a drink of water for a de-hydrated body?

When our forefathers purchased land from the natives who didn’t understand ownership of land for a handful of trinkets and a piece of paper with X’s on it, they set a precedent that still rings through our society. Does owning a piece land mean you are the caretaker of it, or just the one who fences it in to keep everyone else off? Is land alive, or is it just an investment? We are in for a great deal of change!

Here is another quote from a young writer, Christopher Opus: “If I spend too much time trying to have it all, I get depressed and anxious. Instead, I will focus on what I do have: a solid heart, fertile imagination, strong speaking skills, bundles of compassion and empathy, intelligence, health, a loving family, a vital romantic relationship, sweet friendships, lots of dreams and a warm place to rest my head at night. I have a car that works, a computer to connect to the world, respect from people I admire, support from my family, a fridge full of food, opportunity to make money, a clear conscience and a wise soul.”

With change already underway, I propose a telephone practice class about preparing our chakra system for fearless change, and our aura field to become our home. I call it “Chakra talk, with spinning.” The chakras are our inner computer files, and need to be updated. With the help of our “wise soul” giving its illumination on what has value for the quality of life within the self, perhaps we can assist each other with the creation of a happy home life, right here, right now. We will do some spinning out and spinning in. Consider this an opportunity to sit with some of my friends around the country and spin yourself a holy-day aura.



Your Thoughts Create Matter

Introducing Franci Prowse! She is one of my heroes and the very first author that I read when I was “waking up”. She wrote this book named “Adventures In An Unnamed Decade” that is a great story of one man’s journey of waking up to a metaphysical world. I breathed in the book like oxygen.

Anyway, got the honor of going to her home and interviewing her. This woman is so cool.



Many more gems from her, but I happen to love this one a lot because I used to be a televlsion producer and I know for a fact that everything she says about your brain being programmed is true.

How To Move Past Recession Fear and Regret

I think it was the “Channel” Abraham who said:

“Fear is using your imagination to create what you don’t want.”

The Law of Attraction teaches us that what we focus upon is what we create.

Even my motorcycle instructor 10 years ago told me:

“Look at the pothole and you’ll drive into the pothole.”

So… naturally, I get concerned over being concerned when I start to worry about the current state of the economy. I have watched several people I know having to “short sell” their homes. That means selling the house for less than they owe the bank. Or, in other words, eating a huge financial loss.

Watching that happen, being around the news, watching gas prices climb, etc, etc… my fears sometimes escalate.

So how could one possibly maintain positive, high frequency thinking in the face of crushing financial fear?

I posed this to Brent Howard. He suggested a beautiful path to finding my way back to feeling loved and totally supported:

Pharmaceutical Auto Responder

We live in the day of the pharmacuetical auto-responder. Feeling off? Take a pill. There’s a really great parady of this going around the internet right now… here’s the link:

This used to be me. I did not get my monthly cycle for most of my life. Went to my doctor and she put me on the pill for 20 years. It never got better but I felt like I was “managing my condition.” When I found Young Living Essential Oils, got the synthetics out of my house and started to live a greener life, I realized that maybe the fact that I was not getting my period might have more to do with my body systems being off. My boyfriend, Brent Howard is an energy healer and he did TWO sessions on me working in that area energetically and my period came back full force. Is this a good thing? Ha.. just kidding. I’m incredibly grateful to be back in balance.

Fooled Into Submission

I Was Choking To Death & Didn’t Even Recognize It

Have you ever heard the saying: “The Best Way To Boil A Frog Is SLOWLY”
If you throw a frog in boiling water, it will leap right out.
If you place it gently in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, it will boil alive and never flinch.
That pretty much sums up what happened to me.
I described it in the post: “Buy And Accumulate: Lather, Rinse, Repeat.”
I guess I’m not alone. Here’s what Energy Medicine expert Gary Strauss is seeing out there and how to fix it:

For more info on Gary, go to