Since Abraham

I’ve gotten a lot of emails wondering where I’ve been since I spoke with Abraham.

Londin Angel Winters Co-Founder, Metaphysical Fitness

Londin Angel Winters
Co-Founder, Metaphysical Fitness

It’s been quite a beautiful journey.

Abraham, as many of you know, told me to stop focusing on the transformation of the world. It would be a much greater service to the world to place the focus back on myself and what would make me happy.

I took the advice, gave up most of my commitments and basked in endless free time for quite a while.

Eventually, I ​actually became bored and ready for a new venture. I ​found myself at a coffee with a girlfriend who told me about a trainer at a gym that she loved and I should try a free session.

I wasn’t all that interested in putting a lot of focus on my body, but I went away. Something pulled me.

The minute I met this trainer, I knew there was some magic there for me. He suggested I compete in a Figure contest. ​Despite feeling a million miles away from wearing a bikini on stage in front of hundreds of people, ​I said, “yes​.”

T​here began a wild ride that is still unfolding. The process of ​age-old bodybuilding techniques with my own personal growth work allowed me to achieve a freedom around food and body in a way I had never expected to know in this lifetime.

​I decided to become a personal trainer and worked with hundreds of people showing them the path. It worked for them too. So then I wrote two books describing the process.

One is called “Body Image Boot Camp.” It outlines the spiritual path to body and food freedom.

The other is called “Shapeshifter Fat Loss.” It outlines the hardcore practical steps to getting lean.

They are designed to work together depending upon what you need. If you are suffering from self-loathing and the process feels like a chore, you pick up “Body Image Boot Camp.” If you are back in inspiration and possibility and ready to make some changes, you pick up “Shapeshifter.” ​One is not more important than the other. They are equal parts of the journey.

After the books came out, I felt free to stop teaching so much about the physical body (as you can get the goods in my books) and began teaching my true passion — subtle body and energetic mastery.

Metaphysical Fitness: Justin Patrick Pierce

Justin Patrick Pierce
Founder, Metaphysical Fitness

Along this journey, I met the man of my dreams and we began to explore the realms of subtle energy via our union and deep meditative practice.

He too was heavily into fitness, but also into magic. We took all of the incredible work we were doing on our own and started a website to share the work with others who are interested in the realms of the “unseen.”

Our website “Metaphysical Fitness” merges physical training with advanced meditation and energetics. It’s a true exploration of the incredible potential of the body as temple.

It’s such a joy to be utterly living my life’s purpose. I’m so glad I stopped trying to save everyone else and just decided to rock out my own life experience. The irony is how many people I’ve helped along the way.

It is my great joy to share this ​journey with you.

Blessings and Joy!!!

I’m Going To Become A Flake

I was so inspired when Abraham on Saturday confessed to Esther being a flake.

It happened when a woman came up to ask a question and said: “Abraham, how do I become a close friend of Esther?” …. huh? “Yeah, I want to be able to call her on the phone and chat”… I may have the exact words off but this was the upshot…. the whole audience was sitting there like “uh… what?!!!!”

Abraham was awesome. Abraham said something that has etched permanently into my consciousness. THE ONLY WAY ESTHER HICKS CAN DO WHAT SHE DOES IS BY BEING A FLAKE. Wow!!!!

Every time she checks her email, the list is too long to even comprehend. Her cell phone is so drowning in communication attempts, that she could spend the whole day answering. So now, even her sister can’t reach her on her cell phone.

I totally love this.

This to me is the modern day version of the intention of my favorite movie: “Into The Wild” by Sean Penn. The character in that movie rejected the allure of money and power… literally burning his stash of cash before heading out “into the wild” to live off the sustenance and beauty of the land. He set himself free of the gilded cage.

That’s what I’m doing with my life… except I’m setting myself free of the gilded cage of MEDIA. I call it “going off the grid.”

It started in 1999 when I was the producer of the 11pm news for NBC… number one in the ratings… fully immersed and then one day I woke up and realized I was a FEAR PIMP (fear = urgency = must stay up to see this now = ratings) and I walked away. Since that day I haven’t watched a single newscast. I don’t want it in my consciousness. Ahhhhh…

Then about a year and a half ago on a shoot in San Francisco (producing for the travel show), I set my Blackberry down for an interview and it got snatched. I was in tears. Ask the DP. The next day, sans Blackberry, I had one of the most spacious, amazing, powerful days of my life. Decided to get a cheap flip phone and set myself free from knowing every last communication coming at me. Ahhhhhhh….

And on it goes… I keep pulling farther away from being at the mercy of the 30-thousand images and ideas that are being flung at us daily. But I was still bound by one big hook — BEING A GOOD CITIZEN.

Fully entrenched in the concept of being a good person, I make lists of who has called and who has emailed and like a hamster on the treadmill at the gym, I’m constantly running for the finish line of my To Do list. It never happens.

When I heard Abraham say the KEY TO ESTHER BEING ABLE TO CHANNEL this non-physical dimension is by CLEARING THE CLUTTER…. by ALLOWING HERSELF TO BE A FLAKE, I knew that it was the key for me. A lot of people hate her for it she said. Well, to avoid that is too high a price to pay. By allowing for that, she lives a really cool life — channeling Abraham all day every day. Cool, right?!!

Shockwaves…. goose bumps… more awakening!!!

My next move – freeing myself from the bonds of my ever-expanding T0-D0 list… and letting go of “controlling” other people’s opinions about me. Letting go of the need to be loved and respected by everyone who leaves me a voice mail or sends me an email.

Just saying that, I can already feel the gush of creative juices flowing hard… yah baby!!!

Ego Hurts

My Dad is a fundamentalist Christian… so I heard and still hear quite often that God is a vengeful God. He punishes sin.

This scared me to death for my whole life and I’m 37 years old so that’s a long time.

I’ve never really believed it because I can’t imagine a force of unconditional love “punishing” anyone for being “bad” … but I was always really afraid to side step the idea just in case I was wrong. Ouch. That could really hurt. And even though my middle name is Angel, I’m sure if an all-knowing omniscient God looked into my life, he’d find a thing or two that would warrant a harsh trip to the fire pit.

Then I realized…. MY DAD IS RIGHT.

God is pretty vengeful when you consider God being My Higher Self. And my EGO being the smallest me I have. And my continual experience of getting a downright nasty kick in the ass whenever my ego starts running the show.

  • 12-Step programs address the Ego (edging God out)
  • Meditation practices recognize the Ego (the head chatter)
  • Loved ones recognize the Ego (“he and his damned ego again…”)
  • Enlightenment is defined as the realization of the bigger Self from the Ego “s”elf

This is powerful for me. This means that I might actually be able to relax and enjoy life a little bit if I stop fearing that there is an all-knowing force hanging around waiting to pummel me as soon as I relax, let go and do something pleasurable for myself.

I think the question to ask myself is which self is behind the desire?


A powerful statement from my friend Shawn Brennan in a conversation we had yesterday…

“I’ve come to see that I know I am centered in that I hear what I say as the same message; when in the past I had different messages when I was awake, when I was inebriated, when I was sleepwalking, when I was being manipulative, when I was scared, and when I just didn’t care.”

What if the practice of awakening boiled down to a single behavior — telling the truth?

… first to yourself and then to your world?

When I do this I’m in congruence. Congruence is so freeing because there’s nothing to conceal. It takes energy to conceal. Concealment leaks energy. Energy medicine expert Gary Strauss has some cool thoughts on how others can pick up on whether or not you’re being congruent no matter what you say or don’t say:

What has me lie? My attachment to outcomes. When I’m pushing for a specific result that I think I must have I begin to need to frame things a certain way to control what’s so.

It’s so freeing to let that go and just trust what’s so, SEE what’s so and stop hiding from what is.

It’s really beautiful when I have enough grace to say my truth with gentleness, love and respect for others.

To Livin Large,

– L

Expansion Like I Never Knew It Before

Step One – We came to realize that the “world” we’ve constructed and are suffering from is really just an illusion… of our own making.

Step Two – Freedom and Expansion… to the max

So… I get initiated into the club… the club of people that have figured out that all manifestations you see are really just an illusion. So what that means is that nothing means anything. It also means that whatever, literally WHATEVER you suffer from is a figment of your own masochistic imagination. You chose it. You can change it. Now that’s power. And that’s freedom.

Therefore Step Two — entry into the largest sense of expansion you’ve probably EVER KNOWN in your entire life. I’m telling you… it’s pure bliss… better than any drug, better than any food, better than the best sex you’ve ever had in your life.

Hitler didn’t do so well with his power… and neither did I.

My next move was what I like to call the “duality dance”… a sneaky self righteousness founded on old programming that there is good and bad. I decided that people who were awake were good. And people who were asleep were baaaaaad… you know that one? Worrying about and burning sage to protect myself from (i.e. against) those nasty energy vampires that might say something negative, suck off my juice or anything else out of my liking and god-forbid knock me off my high.

Hmmmm…. now I’ve managed to introduce judgment (i.e. good vs bad) and fear (i.e. it’s actually possible for my god-given serenity to be robbed from me). Does this sound like a holy war to you? Isn’t this what really bugs you about zealots of any kind? That they walk in fear, totally focused on defeating the enemy so that they can claim their earthly or heavenly birthright. If you disagree with their plan, you are wrong and need to be eliminated, punished or converted. Ugh.

Which led me to my not-so-fun YEAR-long experience of Step 3 — The Fall.

Yah… more on that next.

For now… here’s the relevant lesson from Step 2 — yes, it CAN feel that good to be alive… and that is what Mass Awakening is designed to show you how to EMBODY… not just hear about, not just get a sense of, not just aspire to… but… EMBODY. Now that’s what I’m talking about!!! And that’s exactly what Mass Awakening is talkin about!!! Yah… more to come on that :– ) Have a great day.