How To Move Past Recession Fear and Regret

I think it was the “Channel” Abraham who said:

“Fear is using your imagination to create what you don’t want.”

The Law of Attraction teaches us that what we focus upon is what we create.

Even my motorcycle instructor 10 years ago told me:

“Look at the pothole and you’ll drive into the pothole.”

So… naturally, I get concerned over being concerned when I start to worry about the current state of the economy. I have watched several people I know having to “short sell” their homes. That means selling the house for less than they owe the bank. Or, in other words, eating a huge financial loss.

Watching that happen, being around the news, watching gas prices climb, etc, etc… my fears sometimes escalate.

So how could one possibly maintain positive, high frequency thinking in the face of crushing financial fear?

I posed this to Brent Howard. He suggested a beautiful path to finding my way back to feeling loved and totally supported:

Fooled Into Submission

I Was Choking To Death & Didn’t Even Recognize It

Have you ever heard the saying: “The Best Way To Boil A Frog Is SLOWLY”
If you throw a frog in boiling water, it will leap right out.
If you place it gently in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, it will boil alive and never flinch.
That pretty much sums up what happened to me.
I described it in the post: “Buy And Accumulate: Lather, Rinse, Repeat.”
I guess I’m not alone. Here’s what Energy Medicine expert Gary Strauss is seeing out there and how to fix it:

For more info on Gary, go to

Buy and Accumulate


I’ve been so attached the evidence my whole life… the physical… the stuff I can touch… even better, the stuff I can BUY AND ACCUMULATE… buy and accumulate… buy and accumulate… lather, rinse, repeat.

Ahhh… being a consumer.

I spent 15 years of my adult life clocking in 14 hour work days to make enough cash to have the “freedom” to buy and accumulate as much “stuff” as I wanted. Nice goal Lon, how did that work for you? Uhhhh…. it was busy, that’s for sure. My Life No Joke:

  • I bought a $625,000 house. That was cool… but definitely required even more cash and a lot of time to maintain it. For example… stressing whether that Ficas tree in the back was going to crack the pipe under the pool (i.e. not the city’s fault) and we would have to spend $10k to fix it.
  • I found time to go to the mall once a year… dedicated to finally getting that perfect wardrobe I worked so hard to afford… only to get there and be so DEVASTATED at the current state of my body that I went into a serious downward spiral.
  • The self-hate became unbearable as I exchanged hopeful Size 4’s for spirit-crushing Size 10’s. Before I knew it I was driven by a demon against my will to head straight to the Food Court for a pint of frozen yogurt to soothe my aching soul. “Oh yes, I definitely need two spoons” I tell the guy. “This isn’t just for me.” — yea, right — Promise to Self: starting tomorrow, I will finally get through the Master Cleanse… 17 days this time… 17 … till I’m a Size 4.
  • Friday night after leaving work at 8pm because 5pm on was the only time I could catch up on email, I got to pick whatever Sushi place sounded best to me… money not an issue… would go nuts on sushi and saki… ordering as much as I wanted because I “deserved it” and needed to replenish my drained energy. The Saki buzz lessened my guilt at putting off my cleanse one more day (hence stuff as much in my face as possible because it starts tomorrow).
  • Then my husband and I would spend most of the evening recovering from the day by problem-solving the frustrations of having to work with people we didn’t like. By the time we got home, we were so stuffed and exhausted that it was easier and frankly, more appealing to watch the latest installment of “LOST” than have sex (hmmm… can’t say I got the irony of that in the moment it was happening).
  • I was really into my magazines and catalogues which just might just have more interesting “stuff” for me to buy. But, since I had so little free time, I had a genius strategy of bringing them to the gym and using them to numb the pain and boredom of the treadmill, stair climber and elliptical. I could also use them to kill time while myself and all of the other hamsters stood around waiting for a free wheel. Mind you, I live in LA where it’s 75 degrees year round and my gym was ONE block from a beach. The problem was I couldn’t run on the beach AND get through my magazine stack at the same time. It just wasn’t enough of a multi-tasking opportunity to be worth it.

You get the point I’m sure.

Then… the lightening bolt hit… my whole life changed (as you saw in the profile)… and I came into deeper and deeper realization that EVERYTHING… LITERALLY EVERYTHING… in our life is energy. That means we can create anything we want out of thin air. All that “stuff” was really about feeling good for me… in some way or another every single one of those moves was done with the promise that it would deliver feeling good.

What if I could make that happen anytime, anywhere and without ANYONE OR ANYTHING?

That’s the kind of freedom I wanted — and got:

  • Now I work from home and I hardly work.
  • Because I want much less, I have the same feeling of being able to afford whatever I want. Mostly what I’ve always wanted most was FREE TIME and I have endless amounts of it now. It’s totally awesome.
  • Now I surround myself with ONLY the people I want in my life… work life included.
  • Now I have a much smaller “clean up” job because there’s not much depletion happening.

THE CLUTTER IS GOING. The clutter is going. It’s so exciting to bypass the effort and get straight to the reward.

When I was that person with the big title (executive producer of a whole network)… I looked at people like me now and I thought they were pathetic hippies. I did. I thought they just sucked at business so they criticized and rejected it. I thought they saw money as evil to justify their laziness.

It’s not that any of that changed. It’s not about any of that for me.



Result = absolutely LOVING my life and getting everything I want… same thing I was going for before. Cool

And that’s what this website is all about… sharing with you all that I learned and am learning about where my TRUE FULFILLMENT really comes from. I hope you get some of the juice too :– )

With love,

– L

When I’m In the Grip of Fear

Ever look at your actions during the day and realize that most of them are driven from some deep form of gut-level fear?

Do you feel like you need a nap because of the constant worry chatter in the background of your brain most of the day?

I feel it. I’m amazed at the level of fear that I project.

It’s pervasive and shape shifts depending on what portion of my day I’m in — constantly calculating on how I can achieve what I need to be okay.

My friend Tracy Griffiths astounds me. She lives virtually FEAR FREE.

What that looks like is — happy, easy going and powerful. This isn’t a woman who is fear free because she doesn’t care about anything or anyone. She has a rockin love life, business and existence. She is fully functional in manifesting whatever she wants.

What amazes me is she does it without any stress or trying.

I asked her for some tips on how it’s done… here they are… click on the video for a short infusion of magic:

Okay… so that sets you in a new direction right? If you want more of her magic, you can find Tracy in the same place as Gary (they are the cutest couple) .. go to

Hope this clip helps you let go of the gripping and expand into your biggest self possible today.

To All of us LIVING LARGE!!!

– Londin

What Illusion?

My name is Londin Winters.

Three years ago I felt really lost and lonely in a lame marriage, in a lame body and with a lame life.

Today I still can feel lost, lonely and not good enough.

But my focus has changed.

Now… instead of obsessively trying to fix what is perceived to be wrong… I have been gifted the awakening to ask WHY?

Before I was deeply inside the illusion, believing every bit of it and trying desperately to improve upon it.

Now, after a long and very cool journey toward the “truth”…. I’m more concerned with why I care about these things that aren’t actually real. I’ve discovered as you will that I can create any reality I choose any time I choose… not because I’m special, just because ALL of us have this gift…

So I’m interested in questioning why I care about anything that takes my power away.

I don’t mean power like George Bush power. I mean power like when you feel like a wilting flower versus a booming bud. Why not live in the booming bud stage? It’s about expansion versus contraction. Expansion is when every cell of your being is pulsing with life and hope and love. Contraction is when you pull back, get small and think there is such a thing as a threat against you.

Mass Awakening is designed to give you the path to get yourself back into the most overflowing, fully leaded expansion you’ve ever known.

… and to trust that you can stay there without anything bad happening. :– ) !!!!

Welcome to your life.


– L