Your Thoughts Create Matter

Introducing Franci Prowse! She is one of my heroes and the very first author that I read when I was “waking up”. She wrote this book named “Adventures In An Unnamed Decade” that is a great story of one man’s journey of waking up to a metaphysical world. I breathed in the book like oxygen.

Anyway, got the honor of going to her home and interviewing her. This woman is so cool.



Many more gems from her, but I happen to love this one a lot because I used to be a televlsion producer and I know for a fact that everything she says about your brain being programmed is true.

3 thoughts on “Your Thoughts Create Matter

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  2. I remember the day Franci was born. I was almost four, and I wanted a brother. Instead I received a wonderful sister and friend. We have travelled thru many valleys and climbed to many crests, and Franci has been an inspiration in her likenesses and differences.

    Listening to her reminds me how important it is to hear each other without the filters we assign to friends and family. This opportunity in the YOUTUBE frame work, allows me to hear so much more than my little sister!

    Thank you, Franci, for Being in my life! Thank you for all your laughs and smiles.

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