What Illusion?

My name is Londin Winters.

Three years ago I felt really lost and lonely in a lame marriage, in a lame body and with a lame life.

Today I still can feel lost, lonely and not good enough.

But my focus has changed.

Now… instead of obsessively trying to fix what is perceived to be wrong… I have been gifted the awakening to ask WHY?

Before I was deeply inside the illusion, believing every bit of it and trying desperately to improve upon it.

Now, after a long and very cool journey toward the “truth”…. I’m more concerned with why I care about these things that aren’t actually real. I’ve discovered as you will that I can create any reality I choose any time I choose… not because I’m special, just because ALL of us have this gift…

So I’m interested in questioning why I care about anything that takes my power away.

I don’t mean power like George Bush power. I mean power like when you feel like a wilting flower versus a booming bud. Why not live in the booming bud stage? It’s about expansion versus contraction. Expansion is when every cell of your being is pulsing with life and hope and love. Contraction is when you pull back, get small and think there is such a thing as a threat against you.

Mass Awakening is designed to give you the path to get yourself back into the most overflowing, fully leaded expansion you’ve ever known.

… and to trust that you can stay there without anything bad happening. :– ) !!!!

Welcome to your life.


– L

6 thoughts on “What Illusion?

  1. i wish you are doing as well as when we were working at venice beach!!!!
    you are my boss forever….

  2. i wish you are doing well as when i was working under your direction at venice, my boss !!!!

  3. Are you the one from Abraham-Hicks cd session?,if so I thought it was very good question and answers,you mentioned of starting web site ,mass awakening .com best wishes ,doug

  4. I Loved the way Abraham put the screws to “massawakening.com” and I really REALLY LOVED the way you sat in “the hot seat” and delivered , I just have so much Love for you” I LOVE your voice! Maybe your true nature resides in the sound of your voice. Yours is like warm buttery frosting.

    In your “about page” you wish such sweetness! I extend the same, in wishing for you to have the most deliciously satisfying and swell trip ever!

    I was returning to Venice Beach from Lone Pine, and the Whitney portal, listening to Abe and I heard you for about the tenth time and I was inspired to look at your, “Love” ( mass Awakening) .

    SO Glad that I did.



  5. I heard the Abraham CD too. This particular one has become a favorite of mine. Loved hearing you too in the hot seat! You have the best giggle! They had wonderful fun with you and you were a great sport and ready to hear what they had to say. Keep that lighteness and fun about you – vibration up!


  6. This is the most beautiful introduction I have ever read! I love you for chasing your dream and living it!!!

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