2 thoughts on “Power of the Mind

  1. Londin-
    So I’m bored one night and I start doing google searches of my college classmates to see what they are up to. For some reason, I have an aversion to Facebook. (I’ll probably need to get over that. It’s probably better than leaving a semi-anonymous, semi-cryptic comment on someone’s blog you haven’t spoke to in 15 yrs…) So I find this mass awakening blog. I begin reading. This has to be a different Londin Winters, I say to myself. I keep reading. 37 yrs old. Middle name is Angel. Nope, that’s her. How about that. At first, I can’t even picture these thoughts coming from her head. Of course, 15 years was a long time ago. But, now that I think some more about it, even at 22, there was something bothering you. In fact, one of our last conversations was how worried you were entering the media profession as a female. Well, it appears you finally figured it out and left the profession altogether. I’m glad you found your peace.

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