I’m Going To Become A Flake

I was so inspired when Abraham on Saturday confessed to Esther being a flake.

It happened when a woman came up to ask a question and said: “Abraham, how do I become a close friend of Esther?” …. huh? “Yeah, I want to be able to call her on the phone and chat”… I may have the exact words off but this was the upshot…. the whole audience was sitting there like “uh… what?!!!!”

Abraham was awesome. Abraham said something that has etched permanently into my consciousness. THE ONLY WAY ESTHER HICKS CAN DO WHAT SHE DOES IS BY BEING A FLAKE. Wow!!!!

Every time she checks her email, the list is too long to even comprehend. Her cell phone is so drowning in communication attempts, that she could spend the whole day answering. So now, even her sister can’t reach her on her cell phone.

I totally love this.

This to me is the modern day version of the intention of my favorite movie: “Into The Wild” by Sean Penn. The character in that movie rejected the allure of money and power… literally burning his stash of cash before heading out “into the wild” to live off the sustenance and beauty of the land. He set himself free of the gilded cage.

That’s what I’m doing with my life… except I’m setting myself free of the gilded cage of MEDIA. I call it “going off the grid.”

It started in 1999 when I was the producer of the 11pm news for NBC… number one in the ratings… fully immersed and then one day I woke up and realized I was a FEAR PIMP (fear = urgency = must stay up to see this now = ratings) and I walked away. Since that day I haven’t watched a single newscast. I don’t want it in my consciousness. Ahhhhh…

Then about a year and a half ago on a shoot in San Francisco (producing for the travel show), I set my Blackberry down for an interview and it got snatched. I was in tears. Ask the DP. The next day, sans Blackberry, I had one of the most spacious, amazing, powerful days of my life. Decided to get a cheap flip phone and set myself free from knowing every last communication coming at me. Ahhhhhhh….

And on it goes… I keep pulling farther away from being at the mercy of the 30-thousand images and ideas that are being flung at us daily. But I was still bound by one big hook — BEING A GOOD CITIZEN.

Fully entrenched in the concept of being a good person, I make lists of who has called and who has emailed and like a hamster on the treadmill at the gym, I’m constantly running for the finish line of my To Do list. It never happens.

When I heard Abraham say the KEY TO ESTHER BEING ABLE TO CHANNEL this non-physical dimension is by CLEARING THE CLUTTER…. by ALLOWING HERSELF TO BE A FLAKE, I knew that it was the key for me. A lot of people hate her for it she said. Well, to avoid that is too high a price to pay. By allowing for that, she lives a really cool life — channeling Abraham all day every day. Cool, right?!!

Shockwaves…. goose bumps… more awakening!!!

My next move – freeing myself from the bonds of my ever-expanding T0-D0 list… and letting go of “controlling” other people’s opinions about me. Letting go of the need to be loved and respected by everyone who leaves me a voice mail or sends me an email.

Just saying that, I can already feel the gush of creative juices flowing hard… yah baby!!!