Feeling Source Energy In My Body

Went to see Esther Hicks channel Abraham this weekend. She called on me. Being a heavily kinesthetic person, I’m an empath which means that I can feel what is going on inside someone else very easily.

Normally this is a bit of a drag because I can feel like a leaf in the wind with my energy and well being. But on Saturday it was the best thing I’ve ever experienced.


It felt the way most people describe a paranormal experience – my body became solid ice… but I wasn’t uncomfortable. I felt my heart and my whole being expand… like I was being tickled with a feather pushing out, out, out, out. Like how you might feel if you levitated.

In prefacing a question about how to deal with it when your relationship suddenly heads south, I told Abraham that I had been trying hard to practice the teachings. Abraham stopped me in my tracks and nailed me for “trying”… for putting “action” on the work, for “studying” all the laws, books, points, CD’s, etc. Abraham was pretty funny about it, talking about how Jerry and Esther publish all the stuff when the message boils down to ONE SIMPLE THING: GET HAPPY NOW. Just freaking get happy. That’s it. Whatever it takes. Just freaking do it. Make nothing else as important as this.

Why? Because we’re magnets and we attract whatever we’re putting out. We draw in what we turn to. If I make the work hard, I get hard work.

So… the last two days, I’ve been “trying” to lighten up.

Nice Londin.

All of this linking back to what it was to “feel” Abraham… it was pure love, absolute pure love… the kind of love where everything is simply okay exactly how it is… there IS nothing else. You know that moment after making love where there’s just nothing left to say but relishing the moment and the utter peace? That’s how it felt. All that was there for me to say was thank you. I got up and walked away. Later I went: “oh my God, I had my moment with Abraham and I blew it by not asking half the stuff I wanted to ask… How did I DO that?”

I know how I did that… I did it because of exactly what Abraham is trying to say. When you’re in pure positive energy, absolute love… there IS nothing else. There’s no problem. There’s no question. There’s no mental masturbation. There just is ALL THAT IS.